New beginnings

Yesterday, I had an epiphany to create my own blog so today, here I am.  When these ideas and thoughts come to you, you have to trust the guidance given to you and act upon it.

I am very spiritual person, also strong in my Christian faith.  I do believe in God however, do believe that there is more to it. This blog will not be along the lines of single girl dating saga (well, I hope not). I’ve created this blog to allow me to express my thoughts in my life journey as a teacher and a healer.

My thoughts today were with my life purpose. I’ve been at a crossroads for some time, trying to work out what my true path is. I love writing and have secretly hoped I would pen and publish a very successful novel/book.  Today may be the beginning of that journey.

I believe my purpose is to work with children – especially those highly gifted ones labelled Autistic, Aspergers, ADHD etc.  I feel that I understand/can relate to this new generation a lot better than some of their parents and that is what part of my purpose here on earth is all about.

I’m not trying to discredit anyone trying to parent these gifted children.  It’s a bloody hard job. I know, I do it everyday! I feel that I can help these kids/young adults feel understood, accepted and know that they are indeed not alone.  If the parents are open, I can help open their minds about these gifted souls in understanding them better and help create better relationships together.

I’m studying counselling and still have plans to attain my Psych degree.  Today, my thoughts were to do life coaching as well and create my own business with that.  I now have more confidence in myself, my abilities and can see myself talking to people on a podium – helping them changes their lives for the better.  That’s a massive change from the incredibly shy/fearful/always stressed young girl growing up.

So, today we begin this new journey. I look forward to reading my posts at the end of 2015 to see how far I’ve come along this path.